The Aurora Project

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Thank you again for the amazing opportunity. I am learning so much and it's only reaffirming my desire to pursue a career in Native Title. ​

Sophie Green,
placed at Cape York Land Council (CYLC)

Applying for an internship

To apply for an internship you need:

  • a strong academic record
  • an interest in the area of native title, social justice and Indigenous affairs
  • strong cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • good interpersonal and communication skills
  • commitment to the minimum internship length.

Applications will be accepted for more than one stream. If you want to apply for more than one stream you will need to specify ‘anthropology’, ‘legal’ or ‘social science’ in your cover letter.

For legal applicants it may be possible to count your Aurora internship towards your PLT requirements. If you are considering this option you need to include this in your cover letter.

When can I apply?

Applications for anthropology, legal and other social science internships need to be submitted online via this website during the application period, either in March or August each year.

Applications for the upcoming summer 2016/17 round of internships will be open from 9am AEDT Monday 1st August through 5pm AEDT Friday 26th August 2016.


How do I apply?

Before preparing your application you should refer to the specific requirements for:

How to prepare and submit an application


  • We strongly encourage you NOT to leave submitting your online application to the very last day.
  • Please note that we can only accept up to 375 applications for this round. As soon as the quota has been reached, online applications will shut down and you will not be able to access the application form.
  • You will need to provide TWO WRITTEN REFERENCES to attach to your application material, including at least one who is able to comment on your academic merit and one who can comment on your professional merit (note that two academic references will be accepted). Phone references will not be accepted.

  • Please note that NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 5pm AEST Friday, 26th August 2016. 

Application process

There are 2 steps to the application process as outlined below.

Step 1

Prepare the required information in the following order as a SINGLE Microsoft Word document that includes:

i) A cover letter (addressed to Kim Barlin, Manager, Placements & Scholarships) highlighting the following (Please note: your application will NOT be considered if you exceed the word limits set out below):

  • A strong academic record (max. 200 words)

  • Demonstrated experience in and/or knowledge of Indigenous/multicultural affairs, social justice and other legal work and/or fieldwork (max.200 words)

  • Demonstrated reliability and integrity (max.200 words)

  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills (max. 200 words)

  • Motivation and initiative (max. 200 words).

ii) A curriculum vitae

iii) A passport-size photo

iv) An up to date academic transcript/s (official or unofficial) listing all university results (please note that it is possible to copy a Pdf academic transcript into a word document by copying and pasting it as a picture).

v) Two written references, including at least one who is able to comment on your academic merit and one who can comment on your professional merit (note that two academic references will be accepted). Please see the following link outlining the criteria to be addressed by your referees (Aurora Reference Request). We suggest saving this Pdf document and forwarding it on to each referee.

Your referees will only be contacted (via email) by the Placements team in the event that we require further information and their details will remain confidential. Please ensure that you have provided us with up-to-date referee email addresses in your on-line form. Phone references will not be accepted.

Please ensure to clearly label and save your SINGLE Microsoft Word document as follows:

If you are applying in more than one stream, you should identify which stream/s as follows:

You will then be asked to attach the SINGLE Microsoft Word document to your online application form.

Step 2

i) Complete the online application form

ii) At the end of the online form, attach a SINGLE Microsoft Word document which will need to include: a cover letter, CV, photo, academic transcript/s (official or unofficial), and two written references.

iii) When you have attached your SINGLE Microsoft Word document please click on the submit button.

PLEASE NOTE: If the size of your document has exceeded the maximum uploading limit (50MB), you have the option to upload your document in a PDF format or using Winzip. 

IMPORTANT - Once you have submitted your application you will immediately receive a confirmation email from the Placements team. If you do not receive this email, this means that your application has not successfully gone through and you will need to re-submit. Be sure to check your 'Junk' email!


  • All applicants will be notified by mid-September as to whether or not their application has progressed to the interview stage of the process.

  • All candidates who have been interviewed will be notified by end-May as to whether or not they are eligible to be proposed for an Aurora internship.

If you have not heard from us, be sure to check your 'Junk' email or send us an email to To avoid correspondence ending up in Junk, please add this email address to your trusted 'Safe Recipients' list.

It is important to note in advance that placement opportunities available through the Aurora Internship Program directly reflect the demand from host organisations and this sometimes comes to us very late in the day. For this reason some placements can be confirmed as late as two weeks prior to the scheduled commencement of the internship. It may not be possible to place all candidates who are eligible.

How the selection process works

  • On-line applications are reviewed by the Placements team
  • Applicants are short-listed for interview - at that time they will be required to specify their available timeframe, their 5 preferred host organisations as well as whether they are able to partly/fully fund their placement.
  • Interviews are conducted face-to-face Australia-wide (or by phone/Skype if necessary)
  • Following the interview, successful applicants are short-listed as eligible to be proposed for an internship

Aurora relies completely on the demand from the various organisations and the number of placements varies for each round. For this reason it may not be possible to place all applicants that have made it through to this stage of the selection process.

Applicants who successfully make it through to the interview round, are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the options for internships and will be asked to list five internship placement preferences during the interview.

In the event that you are proposed for an internship, we aim to inform you as early as possible. Sometimes internships are confirmed as late as a week or two before you are scheduled to commence.

Expectations of interns

Prior to departure, interns are briefed by telephone/Skype on expectations and appropriate protocol to observe while on an internship. The briefing will advise the following:

  • To embrace the unique focus of the Program – internships are much more about the host than about the intern
  • To feel privileged to be given the opportunity
  • To assist the over-worked and under-resourced host organisation
  • To be flexible and open-minded about internship options (not all working in native title), the tasks to be undertaken and level of supervision
  • To fit into your host organisation seamlessly and have a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude
  • To be an ambassador of the Program.

To fulfil your obligations while you are an Aurora intern, you need to:

  • Comply with the Intern Obligations and Code of conduct and professional ethics for interns
  • Provide weekly written emails to the Placements team on the progress of the internship
  • Complete an online overview questionnaire at the completion of the internship
  • Promote the Program at your university – graduates are exempted
  • Write and organise the publication of a promotional article about your experience
  • Continue your internship to the agreed end date.