Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara

The whole six week period has been amazing, I enjoyed every bit of it, from the beautiful landscape to the amazing strength and character of the Anangu.

Joseph Rattray, APY

From this experience I am seeing the A.P.Y. lands as not an area which is merely identified as a desert: but is moreover a cultural landscape, rich in the stories and experiences of the people who dwell here.

Benjamin Brant, APY

It was a huge month for me; incredibly challenging, eye-opening, and I think has changed the way I think about anthropology in Indigenous Australia.

Isabel Wheeler, APY

These past six weeks have been an amazing experience for me. I feel that I have learnt more than I have all year at university! It makes such a difference doing work experience like this and I feel that it has given me a lot more direction in deciding what sort of career I wish to pursue. It has has motivated me to finish my degree and pursue a career in this area.  

Liz Brown, APY

I had a fantastic experience out in the APY lands and felt very privileged to have had that opportunity. I learnt a lot about the role of anthropology in traditional owner identification and consultations. I also gained some valuable fieldwork experience, working closely with traditional owners. As a result of this experience, I am now considering a longer term career in the field.

Juliette Hopkins, APY

My experience out here has been incredibly rewarding in both a personal and anthropological sense. I wanted to learn more about applied anthropology, and what anthropologists actually do in the field. But I also gained a sense of the complex issues surrounding traditional ownership in aboriginal communities, and the important role that anthropology can play in teasing these out.

Juliette Hopkins, APY