Internship Program - making a difference

  • Around 7,900 applicants (including over 530 Indigenous)
  • Over 3,100 internships arranged; provided over 600,000 hours of additional capacity
  • Over 225 Aurora Hosts working in the Indigenous sector, including 115 (52%) Indigenous organisations
  • Over 900 jobs created in the sector; around 700 alumni employed - ​these alumni note that their decision to work in the sector was greatly influenced by their Aurora internship

  • Approx. $13 million of cost savings and productivity gains

  • Over 350 internships arranged for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander interns 

  • 72 (23%) Indigenous alumni have undertaken paid roles in the Indigenous sector.

  • 239 Indigenous funded interns placed since the provision of Commonwealth scholarship funded internships; 48 of them have gone on to gain employment

  • Placement of Indigenous students is a high priority – 90% of Indigenous applicants are selected for placement, compared to 46% of non-Indigenous applicants.
  • 10 alumni (including 1 Indigenous) have been awarded Rhodes scholarships; 2 alumni have been awarded the Monash Scholarship.